Friday, May 21, 2010

My 2010 Support Letter

Below is my support letter - some of you will be getting this personally as well. Appreciate you readers being a part of our journey. Definitely contact me via email or comment if you are interested in praying/supporting us.


You probably aren't wondering what this letter is about - you are right - it's a missions support letter. But more than that, let me catch you up. In the summer of 2009, I started a small nonprofit called The Ember Cast []. Ember is a group of talented, passionate and experienced guides that mentor, resource and inspire the next generation in the areas of global missions, world cultures, and leadership development. We exist to reignite the Jesus fire in each student and to launch them out to serve a world in need. Much of Ember's ethos came out of my experience serving in student missions in the past few years and it's an exciting next step.

With that, Ember is facilitating it's first summer student mission experience. This summer, I'm taking a small team of students to partner with Amadeo Church in Gilbert, AZ. Amadeo's pastor, Ben Cloud, is innovative, catalytic and apostolic - in many ways, he represents a global ministry leader of the future. They will learn about catalytic leadership, the integration of community and the local church and engaging a post-Christian, post-modern suburban, desert culture. Some of the activities will include college outreach, Bible kid clubs, homeless outreach, missional learning sessions and serving projects for a portable church. We will be there from July 11 - 19 and this team represents some of our most promising student 'apostolic starters'. I'm excited to see what innovative expressions of the Kingdom get started from these friends.

Our 12 year old daughter K will be joining me for this - we are both excited to serve together and for her to contribute to this team and engage some of these concepts in real life. Together, we have to raise about $1200 to cover transportation costs. If you would be inclined, it would be great to have your prayer and/or financial support. Donations are tax-deductible [but please read the paragraph at the end of this letter]. Your check can be payable to The Ember Cast, [contact me directly for the address.] I've enclosed an envelope too but if you feel like making a donation, let me know and I will come get it if you don't feel like mailing it. That way, we can spend at least a little bit of time face to face.

As always, much more real time info at You can also find me on facebook and on twitter [@tonytsheng]. I'd appreciate your prayers for safe travel, helping catalytic leaders learn and a team environment that empowers these students.

Thanks also for supporting our family in the past few months with the passing of my dad. We are all on the mend now and still continue to appreciate so many kind words, thoughts, cards and prayers as we grieved Franks passing. My mom is doing fairly well managing her health pretty well. Thanks again for your friendship, support and joining us as we throw fire.

*The Ember Cast, Inc (Ember) is a non-profit corporation formed under the Maryland guidelines for a nonstock corporation. Although a Maryland non-profit, Ember does not automatically receive federal tax-exempt status. Ember is presently in the process of applying for status as a federal tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. While Ember's application is pending with the IRS, donations made by individuals and legal entities may be treated as tax deductible by the donor. It is important to note that, if Ember's exemption is denied for any reason, donors would not be able to claim a deduction as a result of the donation, and any donor who previously submitted a federal income tax return that reflected the donation as a charitable deduction would be required to revise that return. However, in light of its stated purpose, and its application, Ember does not believe that it will be denied an exemption, but it is not possible to provide a guaranty with respect to the outcome of the IRS's process.

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