Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Proof

Loved catching up with TayEst, circled in the picture from November 2005. SPACE alumn who was a part of England, Hungary and Cameroon teams, we're collaborating on a possible project for the spring.

The real proof of student ministry is what happens after they graduate. In her case:
+ She's been actively engaged with Campus Crusade at Salisbury University, this year helping run their community outreach. This generation cares a lot about the world in which they live.
+ She's been involved with a church plant called Remedy Church which just launched a few weeks ago. We need more new expressions of Church that effectively contextualize the Gospel.
+ She's intentionally investing in freshmen who have already risen to influence. Real leaders create other leaders.
+ Oh, right yes she actually goes to college.

Still pondering something she said that's been stuck in my head - "those of us that grew up in SPACE know that we are fully capable of creating something from nothing" [or something to that effect.]

Whatever the medium - SPACE, The Ember Cast, or yours - these are the kinds of people we need to grow.


  1. TriciaB9:25 PM

    you really captured taylors true beauty in the picture.

  2. i have detailed files.