Monday, February 01, 2010

Golden Feedback

I got some great feedback about Ember's Philly weekend. Overall, it was very very positive, and it's always fun to get that kind of response.

Here's a few observations and projections:
+ Connecting relationally is important. This team loved connecting with the CCCNC students and wanted more opportunities to connect with people they were serving at the homeless mission. Not explicitly in the survey, but just as important - they did this weekend in community as a team.
+ One interesting comment said they wished we had more study/prayer time. Might be an interesting opportunity to frame knowing versus doing.
+ The idea of 'missions' is disconnected with 'mission.' Get a high school kid to understand this and everything else about their life will fall into place.
+ There is still a mindset that a missions trip should include evangelism. [I'm not saying that it should not.]
+ The perspective of a high school kid about missions is gold. These are our future social entrepreneurs, church planters and pioneers.

One more tip - we use Google docs to put together a feedback form. It then collates responses into a spreadsheet as well as giving you a summary sheet.

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