Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Latest Kindling

+ Now that Urbana has come and gone, who is doing great work as a student mobilizer? And what are they doing? The proof is in what happens now.
+ Ember's January weekend is shaping up nicely. We are working with @laurencetom - an amazing cultural expert in his city. It will be fun to learn from him up close in his context.
+ I've gotten an amazing amount of perspective on local church mission strategies in the past few months. Now I need perspective on balancing institution versus movement.
+ It's been meeting time around here - on tap for 6 meetings in 7 days with church missions people, a personality assessment, lunch with elder interns, Ember intern and his teacher, and a college student planning on me providing her with God's ultimate plan for her next 80 years.
+ Em is having a birthday party at a local indoor pool this weekend, while raising money for charity:water. The dichotomy is intentional.
+ I met with an older leader the other day who honestly told me, "I don't really think about the web that much." So I have to ask, who are they really leading? PS - You are reading this on the web.

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