Thursday, January 21, 2010

Visions, Dreams and Voices

An email I sent earlier this week. Thanks for praying.

Hello friends --

Some of you might have heard by now - my dad, Frank, has been diagnosed with very advanced liver cancer. His doctor has told him the average life left for something like this is about 1 year, but of course, no one really knows. He is also currently in the hospital recovering from a bout of pneumonia. We would appreciate your prayers for all the normal stuff - wisdom for the medical staff, effectiveness
for chemo, my mother and how we will care for her, etc.

We also have two big asks:
: 1 - that Jesus would make himself clearly known to my dad - visions, dreams, voices. My dad is very distanced from Christ and probably the only way he would come to Jesus would be through a power encounter.
: 2 - that Deanna and I would be able to help our girls, KT and EM, navigate this season of life.

Thanks for praying - really appreciate all of you and your friendship on this journey.

PS - While you are thinking, throw up one more for a student missions weekend this weekend in Philly that I'm helping run.

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