Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unchurched Data

Amazed at the data that JD Payne published a few weeks ago about concentrations of evangelicals in the US and Canada. It not only breaks data down by state but also by county. If you haven't at least skimmed it, you should. Really amazing data - like for instance: the county [Fairfield, CT] where Dea was raised is 2.6% evangelical [compared with Howard County at 5.8%]; New England is by far the most unchurched area in the country; and if you really want to talk strategic, move to Provo, Utah [0.6% evangelical].

Unchurched, like what this data represents, is not the same as unreached and the leaders of the future are going to understand both. Did you know, some of those leaders are in your student ministry right now?

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