Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Roundup

Of course, you know about Haiti at this point. Here's a quick roundup of stuff I've seen here and there. Hoping it will help inform you to pray, give and act, if possible.

+ Charity:water and their partners in Haiti
+ Google's crisis response page
+ Compassion Intl
+ US cell phone users raised more than $1M via texting.
+ Frontline, the young adult ministry of McLean Bible Church here in DC had a team of college students in Haiti prior to the earthquake. Thankfully all are safe.
+ Ethan Zuckerman - always a helpful resource in times like these.
+ Charles has some great resources for connected organizations.
+ 10 myths about disaster relief [found this link in my archives - thought provoking]
+ Jason posts some first hand accounts
+ Chris Andersen from TED writes: "TED has been asked by govt to help find best tech solutions for aiding Haiti. If you have suggestions, email pls RT"
+ Just got word that GRACE is putting some things in motion. The current possible plan includes a medical team later this spring or summer [we've grown a good bit of expertise with medical teams in the past few years] and immediate funding for World Relief who are on the ground.
+ We are trying to figure out what to do as a family. We don't know anyone first hand on the ground. It's going to take a bit of fact checking - make sure you check out the facts too [like the tweets about American Airlines that were rumors.]

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