Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wheel

You know the old saying, "Let's not reinvent the wheel." Don't believe it.

It might be possible to get really great results with minimum investment. Or you might get a boring speech, an experience that seems incredibly rote, or team behavior that prefers the status quo because that is what was done before. It will probably look a lot like just information. Not reinventing also usually means ignoring context and culture, paying little attention to fit and timing and having an excuse to be lazy.

Passion deserves an original outlet. Whether its motivating others, taking a journey together or empowering a team, creating it from scratch won't seem like work. Instead, you'll find you and your team operating at totally new levels of energy, intention and purpose. Inventing it over and over again repeatedly requires commitment to the core. Transformation starts at signing up.

You are welcome to everything here on the blog - feel free to take it and use it if you want. But use it to help you rediscover and reengage. If I can reinvent every time, so can you.

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