Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday Burn

::: Richard Florida - How The Crash Will Reshape America
Fascinating article about demographics, human capital, and suburbanization.
Perhaps no major city in the U.S. today looks more beleaguered than Detroit, where in October the average home price was $18,513, and some 45,000 properties were in some form of foreclosure...
New York is more of a mecca for fashion designers, musicians, film directors, artists, and—yes—psychiatrists than for financial professionals.
Last year fewer Americans moved, as a percentage of the population, than in any year since the Census Bureau started tracking address changes...
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::: 40% of 7,000 languages are going extinct
One language dies every two weeks.
Language technology kits include a laptop computer, a digital camera, a digital audio recorder, and a still camera.
80% of the world's languages are not documented.
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::: Starbucks (Red) Card
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