Friday, March 13, 2009

The Big Apple

By the time you read this, I'm hopefully en route to NYC with a team to facilitate a mission experience for some friends and their community. We would really appreciate your prayers - for safe travels, for eyes to be opened to seeing the realities of the future, for hearts to engage the epic story in all of us. And of course, pray for me and the 3 hour bus ride up and back. You know how that goes. And, a slight twist to this weekend, Kt our 11 year old is joining me and the team for the weekend - it will be fun to have her along. I'll be updating via twitter when I can. Click here or read along in the left sidebar.

Those that have traveled with me before know that I almost always put together a leader reading packet. Some of those are listed below. And to you, thanks for reading, following and praying - I share the packet with you as well. Tell you more next week about the investment you are making.

Your Future Comes From Your Free Time
Peer Pressure
In Search of Dolphin Leather
Those With No Religion Fastest Growing Group
Primates on Facebook

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