Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Burn

::: Taking Students to Mexico?
"The consumerist, individualistic culture that our students are immersed in every day may not compromise their physical safety, yet it does do violence to their souls."
YouthFront's response to churches and parents inquiries about whether it's safe to go to Mexico.

::: Rwanda Rising
President Kagame's goals are ambitious: to boost GDP sevenfold, find paying jobs for half of Rwanda's subsistence farmers, nearly quadruple per capita income to $900, and turn his country into an African center for technology, all by 2020.
Link via Brad Lomenick

::: The Gospel Spectrum visualization and data-mining to deconstruct and then visually reconstruct the story of Jesus as presented in the Bible.
This is a must see.
Link via @CatalystLeader

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