Thursday, March 19, 2009

Latest Kindling

+ Two of the students that were on the SPACE Hungary 2008 team are volunteering with a nonprofit called FIRN - Foreign Born Information Network. "i like this kid named Rodrigo-he doesnt speak any english but hes my favorite." The world is coming to our doorsteps.

+ Not only did K&K help out with the NYC weekend, they also spent a week in Portugal a few weeks ago seeing if it was a possible overseas gig they want to do. Most insightful issue was personalities - personality of the overall organization, team leaders and individual team members. 50% of new people serving in cross cultural environments leave because of interpersonal issues.

+ There is a team leader I'm informally coaching - KellanD - who is helping lead a team to Kenya in late May. The past few weeks have been very tough for him and his team. He got sick with the flu, his cell phone broke [he's in his younger 20s, so you know this is a big deal] and his car broke down. One couple on his team had to deal with the death of a family member and then their house being broken into. In other words, attempt to do something significant and get ready for some weird stuff to happen.

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