Thursday, April 02, 2009

Myers Briggs in Community

I spent some time with a high school guys small group the other night, facilitating them through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. I always have a lot of fun walking teams through this assessment and this was no different. [And it made me miss my small group that I ran from 1999-2003.]

I was surprised at how different each one of these guys was - all kinds of different talents and interests, ranging from the very cerebral to the artistic to the entrepreneurial. The group had math geniuses, musicians, writers, athletes, one kid owned his own landscaping company [with employees] and another one had just started a t shirt company. Even more interesting, there was a real sense of community among them - they have been meeting for four years - different people with different interests but a common and deep sense of belonging. In this case, their cause was to seek God while encouraging each other through their high school careers.

Uniqueness + community + cause = the perfect intersection for talking about Myers Briggs.

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