Monday, March 30, 2009

Nairobi A18 Coffee House

KellanD, the leader I have told you a little bit about, and his team hosted a coffee house over the weekend - a gathering to raise awareness and support for their team, which departs in late May.

Their team is serving in Nairobi, Kenya, primarily around Kibera, one of the largest slums in the world. Over 1 million people live in the size of about 1.5 square miles - the size of Central Park. Their team will be involved in projects such as soccer/sports activities, light construction, and serving in an orphanage, as well as other various small projects.

Hosting events to raise support for mission teams is notoriously difficult. Usually, there is way more effort than worth the support raised - except it's a great way to build team identity. It's also difficult to plan appropriate program elements. This team did it right: short, simple, one short introduction, video with pictures, three team members speaking via an interview format and one closing song. One more thing - check out the web presence for all of their teams for this year.

Photos: KD, right, speaking; @trevinhoekzema, KD and me.

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