Thursday, March 05, 2009


I get spurts of requests for recommendation letters and I love to do them. I'm on the tail end of one of those spurts right now, having written a handful of letters in the past few weeks. I really do love writing them when they are right person - people who I have served with closely, people who have demonstrated their reliability and passion, and people that are fun to be with.

I'm filling out one more form this week for a leader that I've worked very closely with and they are applying to a internationally known nonprofit - very exciting. It's always interesting to see what organizations value and good gauge is what they ask for on recommendation forms.

In this case, the reference [me] is asked to rate the candidate on:
Critical Thinking
Organization Ability

What gets measured gets done. When it comes to building teams, the precursor is that what you strive for is what you get. So be clear about what you want out of your team. And then ask for it.

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