Friday, February 27, 2009

Florida in the Winter

The title of this post makes me sound like an old retired fart huh. Instead, Florida in the winter has found itself to be an epicenter of growth. I don't venture to Florida every single winter, but it's been pretty close lately [2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.] The number one reason is because I'm fairly serious about my own growth and development. [The number two reason is to combine it with some family time - you know WDW, etc.]

If you are serious about your leadership, you will seek out environments and catalysts for your own growth. It can be books that you read, conferences that you attend, resources on the Internet, or relationships that sharpen you. But in the end, leaders are learners and they hold themselves exclusively responsible for their own development. Your personal growth is not up to your pastor, church, company, boss or mentor.

I'm fortunate - our family has an almost unlimited go-for-it policy when it comes to leadership growth experiences. We fund it, make time for it, expect it and although it makes for juggling and saying no to other things, it's almost always worth it.

In the end, no one looks out for your growth but you. Oh, and you can be confident that if you are intentional about your own development, that gets noticed too.

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