Friday, July 07, 2006

stolen Celtic Way of Evangelism notes

[Post pre-written before leaving for vacation - another fun day in Disneyland - at the urging of K, we both rode the Grizzly River Rapids and, of course, I got soaked and she was totally dry.]

LB's notes here.

Interesting to me --
- No major denomination in the U.S. regards the apostolic mission as its highest priority
- Usually, the higher-ups in the church do not push for apostolic missions because they are the ones who want some security
- Use the Celtic model of conversion, not Roman
Roman: presentation - decision - fellowship
Celtic: fellowship - ministry/conversations - belief/invitation to commitment
"Christianity is more caught than taught."
- A good communicator helps people see what they can become.
- Contextualize the message: "The Christian faith never exists except as translated into a culture." (Bosch)
- In most cities, churches are only responding to those who take the initiative to visit.

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