Tuesday, July 11, 2006

DC visit 1

Tonight I drove down unexpectedly to visit the DC team. They had an issue with one of their cars today and needed to switch it out. Since the Madre is here most of this week with her car, it was totally easy for us to switch one of our cars.

It was a lot of fun to drop in and see the team - I had already made some plans to have dinner with them on Thursday with some other SPACE peeps - and I got to see where they are staying and hear a bit about what they are doing so far. But more about the team later.

After I heard about the car issues, I literally just started laughing loudly to myself. It's just perfectly SPACE isn't it? The most random, unplanned, bizarre, ever-so-slight modification in plans. I couldn't help laugh and think, "I love it..."

As I was getting ready to drive back home, all the kids staying in the CSM church lodging were getting ready to have a "Dance-Off!" These are not your parent's missionaries...

ps - our family vacation was fabulous.

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