Monday, July 17, 2006

Blur of a Weekend

This weekend was pretty much a total blur. But I think I was involved in some good things, including a lot of Skip-Bo games with K... I've never played before and she has consistently beat me for the first 9 or 10 games. But yesterday.... I dominated...

In other non-Dad-has-to-win items...

- Worked from 1am to 5am on Sunday morning - got paged at 10am but luckily it was a quickly closed issue.
- Was able to make it to 2nd service to be able to pray with the LA team in front of big church.
- Em and I were able to see the Merge team off. I'm probably going to go visit them this week.
- More pool time.
- The DC and LC teams came home yesterday morning. By most accounts, both were pretty successful. 2 teams are done. 1 is in the field. 1 leaves this Sunday and my team, the last one to depart, leaves in 9 days.
- 2nd to last Cam team meeting where we went over the travel info in detail. GM did a great job going over two short passages about team unity and the idea of a body. We are having a Cam team sleepover next weekend - the first ever co-ed sleepover I have been involved in. Oh, the tragedy. [Pray for the final set of 3 visas - they are being Fed-ex'd to the visa service today...]

Photo: The LA team waiting to go up to the stage to be prayed for.

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