Tuesday, July 25, 2006

T minus 22

So we leave for the airport in about 22 hours. This will probably be the last post for at least a little bit. Here are some things I'm doing before we go:

- Putting all email addresses for parents onto a flash drive file. I'm not sure how much access we will have to the web once we get there. I know there is email but I think its only via dial-up, so we may use someone else's email client to send stuff out. So updates may come to this blog via Blogger's email feature [where you can email your post to a secret address and then it gets automatically posted.]
- We scan all of our passports into electronic files. We then print a copy of each passport for each leader and also email those files back to ourselves. The passport is probably our most important document, so we have multiple copies and can get one from an internet cafe if we need to. Leaders will also have copies of signed permission slips and health id cards.
- I think I have to buy some dog food.
- Finish packing - remember to always pack one set of clean underwear in your carry on.
- Laying out all the stuff for my team at work.
- D bought me some more bug spray.
- Set up my iPod shuffle for some music to soothe me when we are traveling. I very much appreciated the sentiment GM spoke of the other night when he predicted he would be throwing up on the 3 hour bus ride to Kribi. I told him we both could reserve the front row.
- And, yes, finally, I told my parents about my trip. Some might say I'm being a terrible example to my kids and students for withholding this pretty imporant information from my parents for so long. They might be right. But I know that the less time my parents have to mull over my decision, the better off we all will be. And I've told my kids - and will tell my students - embrace the good, right behavior, be liberated and free to toss the bad behavior - you have the choice for how you will live.

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