Wednesday, July 19, 2006

SPACE Prayer Letter - July 2006

"Let others complain that this age is evil. My complaint is that this age is paltry. It lacks passion. " - Soren Kierkegaard

Hi Dear Friends of SPACE --

Hope this July finds you well - thanks once again for your thoughts and prayers for our students and leaders that seek to communicate God's passion for the nations and to live lives larger than themselves.

We've already had a busy summer which included a mission prep weekend with all of our 5 summer teams and the sending of three teams so far.  (We also had a fabulous Sheng family vacation in California - Disneyland included, of course!)

In late June, we took all five teams away to one of the Delaware beaches to run a mission prep weekend where we enabled our teams to bond together through some mission workshops, small service projects on the boardwalk and living together for a weekend.  It was an awesome time as our teams grew, worshipped and served together - hopefully setting up some great teams for their summer experiences.

As of this week, we've had two of our summer teams come home from their mission experiences - serving with the Center for Student Missions in Washington, DC; and serving with CMTS Ministries near Lancaster, PA.  One team - Baltimore - is in the field this week and return on Saturday, while our LA team leaves for a week on Sunday.  The fifth and final team for this summer, my team to Cameroon, leaves the following Wednesday.

It's been a pretty wild summer seeing our dreams and visions come true for 5 student teams this summer - what a joy to watch kids leave their personal comfort in order to bless and serve strangers.  Already, we've heard some great stories about kids experiencing the tension of making an impact on people while being stretched and challenged.

We would love for you to pray for:
- The Baltimore team and the rest of their week, as they participate in various service projects around the city and grow as a team and as individuals within God's story.
- The LA and Cameroon teams as they finish their final preparations and that their teams would make a lasting impact.
- Pray for my Cameroon team, that we would all grow a deep level of team unity.
- That support for all of our summer teams would continue to come in so that we could finish the summer break-even.

Thanks so much for praying and partnering with us. As always, more real time updates on the blog -

tony sheng

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