Monday, April 03, 2006

SPACE virtual meetings

We have IM meetings all the time at work. I hardly ever have them outside of work, but it actually is kind of cool.

Last week, we had one with the Cameroon leader team. Here is a small glimpse into the characters that I am working with...
ts (10:03:29 PM): ok everyone is here
gregm (10:03:33 PM): i kinda actually feel like we are all at a meeting
ts (10:03:34 PM): everyone type something so we know its all working
nlind (10:03:43 PM): something
lb (10:03:49 PM): i heart somethings
spaceintern (10:03:50 PM): something
gregm (10:03:52 PM): the average weight of a golfball is 2.3 ounces
lb (10:03:55 PM): wow
lb (10:03:57 PM): impressive
ts (10:04:03 PM): yeah and everyone is a comedian
gregm (10:04:07 PM): hahaha
lb (10:04:11 PM): we learned from the best, tony

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