Sunday, April 30, 2006

Illness is in da House

Well, all of us around the Sheng house are sick. I've still got this runny nose thing - I think most of it is allergies. It hasn't gone away since Easter. D has some kind of weird infection maybe. K just got a slight fever last night and this morning. Em still has a cough left over from Easter and before too.

D said to me today, "I know the reason we are all sick." Because of SPACE. Well, maybe sick in the head. But really, every Spring, some kind of major drama happens around here. The past few years had to do with work. This year, work is manageable (even though someone from my team is on every weekend that there isn't a holiday through November). In the grand scheme of things, someone might not be that interested that we are working hard to get some awesome kids to live a life bigger than themselves, to impact some people they have never met, to risk for a grand adventure.

So to the father of lies, we fling more Tylenol Cold and Cough at him.

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