Friday, April 14, 2006

In the light of Good Friday

At six o'clock on an April evening in 2001, five-year old Arjun Janki Dass died in New Delhi from an accidental electrocution.
His parents took him to a medical clinic where they worked on his body for two hours - without success.  The doctor charged them 5,000 rupees (about $110) and told them to call a mortician.
Instead they called Rodrick at the nearby Deliverance Church.  He then called upon Savitri, one of his staff members.
Savitri brought two other Christians to Arjun's home, and the five of them began praying over the dead body about 10:00pm.  They prayed their hearts out for six hours.  Then at 4:00am the next morning, Arjun snapped back to life - no brain damage, no problems.
Today, he's a normal eight-year-old kid.  I met with Savitri, Arjun and his mother, Mina and the boy is A-OK except for a nasty scar behind his left ear where the wire hit.
Savitri is a 60-year-old widow, a Dalit from the lowly Dom caste.  She spent her life as a street sweeper, which made her, in the caste system, the lowest of the low.  The broom was her livelihood, and she remains today a fine, humble lady, a former Hindu turned to Christ.
As we were parting, I asked Savitri through an interpreter, "How many resurrections have you been involved with in the six years that you've been doing ministry?"
She answered quietly, "Sixteen."
For a moment, my brain froze.  Then I began to re-evaluate my life.  
I would give you Savitri's e-mail address so you could check her out for yourself, but she doesn't have one.  She can't read.
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