Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just Two More

We invited two more guys to be on the Cameroon team today. I think both love the idea. I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with the parents of one of them too, which is probably the best way to do this kind of inviting. Maybe I should have made that extra effort with some of the other invitations.

Typically, we don't plan anything for students that just graduate high school. Once they graduate, they are no longer under SPACE's charge. This summer, for Cameroon, I'm okay with us extending invitations to graduating seniors. I'm starting to think that each year is going to require us to be flexible in our approach to kids that just graduate and that this deliniation is not so firm.

These two guys are great - just like all the kids we have invited. These two specifically have been through some of the mission progression we are striving for - one of them was on a NYC team I led in 2004, and then both of them went on the Trinidad team last summer in 2005 - another team that specifically partnered with a GCC supported family.

I hope they both say yes. They both would add some incredible talent, experience and heart to the team.

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