Friday, April 21, 2006

Homebound Kids

I just put the girls to bed a little bit ago. D is away on a womens retreat this weekend and I'm still a bit sick, like I have been all week. And I have to work Saturday night - which is probably most of the reason why I am sick,

The girls decided they wanted to sleep together tonight and they decided that they wanted to sleep on the floor together in Em's room. My personal preference, if I were them - after being away for around 12 days on and off, and sleeping in three different houses in those 12 days, spending close to 30 hours in a car off and on, one of them being sick half of the time - would be to sleep in my own bed, in my own room, with no one to bother me. Instead, they are absolutely thrilled to share a round, short cushion from one of those pampasan chairs, while half of their bodies flop onto the floor.

I love this about my kids. That they can sleep anywhere. That they can adjust and feel at home in most places. That they can be mobile and usually it's not a big deal. I hope this pattern for both of them continues into their adult lives. If God's call on their lives is what I hope it is, they will dream as the Spirit guides and moves them. Home will not be a fixed place that is far away, but will be a place they bring with them everywhere the Wind moves them and something they give to the lost and destitute.

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