Friday, April 21, 2006

2006 Senior Weekend

SPACE [Students Prepared to Act for Christ’s Empire], the service/mission components of GCC's student ministries, invites you - graduating Senior - to a senior weekend mission experience. This weekend is an exercise in missionally living, engaging with different cultural contexts and serving alongside your peers with impact. A surprise destination is one of the key aspects of this weekend.
Thurs 5/11 - 3:00pm Meet at Grace Community Church
- 3:30pm Leave in private cars and church van all driven by leaders
- 9:00pm Arrive in ***
- 9:30pm Go to ***
Fri 5/12 - 10:00am Various ministry projects at ***
- 3:00pm Help out at after school program hosted by ***
- 7:00pm Attend a *** youth group
Sat 5/13 - 9:00am Visit the *** (possibly)
- 3:00pm Return to *** to help set up for a ***
- 6:00pm Attend the ***
- 9:00pm Leave *** for home
Sun 5/14 - 2:30am Return to Grace Community Church

More info very soon, including when and where your parents can pick up the information sheet and permission form.

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