Friday, April 28, 2006

Gospel Training Night

"I don't use the word 'evangelism' because if you're not a Christian, it sounds like a disease...and if you are a Christian, it is one." - Rob Bell

The Cameroon team and I are going to Gospel Training Night tonight. Even though it sounds incredibly hokey, I still think it is important. In the context of our post-Christian, postmodern, unchurched culture, I believe students still need a bit of guidance on how to share the good news with the people that ask. Tonight will involve the basics of how and what to share, as well as giving kids some opportunities to practice on each other - both the listening and the sharing - via some roleplay time. And as I write this, I'm reminded about that important other side as well - the listening, concentrating and focusing on the other person. Not only what they are saying they believe, but also their context and their worldview. Maybe if I get the chance, I will speak up about those ideas. [Related post - the last time we did something like this at CpR, January of 2004.]

After Gospel Training Night, we are going to go over support letter basics and then pray for our team and the trip. From my perspective, the first order of business right after the team gets assembled is getting support letters out.

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