Thursday, April 27, 2006

SPACE April Prayer Update

"If your church is full of members, you get an occasional missionary. If your church is full of missionaries, the rest is geography." - Erwin McManus, Seizing Your Divine Moment

Hi SPACE friends,

Thank you again for partnering with us - thinking and serving and praying - and our ministry with students.  We cherish the friendships that we have with you all, and are excited to continue to imagine all the very cool contexts and projects that haven't even been conceived yet with some of you, both locally and all around the globe.  Thanks for inspiring us as you live as the light of the world.

We've had a busy Spring making plans for some summer teams.  Although it's been quite the mass of logistics, recruiting leaders and gathering groups, we give God the praise with us for the following:

**  5 sets of team leaders placed.  Each team has a great mix of leaders that all have initiative, hearts of service and experience.  It's a honor to work with such talented and sacrificial leaders.

**  Some great work all year from our SPACEintern, Emilie.

** A finalized 10th grade team that will be serving in DC this summer.

Here are a few more items that we would love for you to be praying with us for:

** A Senior mission weekend in the middle of May [you might remember us doing the same kind of thing for last year's Seniors as well.]  This weekend will also serve as a final project for Emilie and her internship, and is a great opportunity to release her to inspire, serve and lead.

** That four of our teams get finalized in the next three to four weeks, including:
- a 9th grade team going to the Merge conference on the campus of Johns Hopkins
- an 11th grade team serving in Los Angeles with Harambee Ministries.
- My team going to Cameroon - that some final invitations for team members get accepted by this weekend.
- A middle school team serving again this summer with Christian Missionary Technical Services.

** For the logistics and preparation work for a missions prep weekend at the end of June, where all teams will travel away for the weekend to focus on culture, team building and why we strive to engage our students to be more than just members.

Thanks again and God's blessings on you all this Spring.  As always, for more real time updates, point your browser to
- tony

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