Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Your Left Hand

I was reminded a few times in the past few weeks that your left hand (and mine) are interesting members of our bodies.
The Iraqi Culture Smart Card:

I was chatting with a mother of one of my mission team kids. She mentioned how her son, with all the enthusiasm of the next generation, came home and stated, "Mom, THAT'S what they do with their left hands!"

Isn't that great! I love it because it shows a level of excitement about learning from a culture that is so distinctly different from their own. And that the excitement is coming from the, hopefully, next generation of leaders and shapers of the movement of Jesus.

AND, that we can be teaching and exposing these kids to engage a segment of the world (a huge segment of the world by the way) that they would never otherwise engage. So cool.

So today, thank God for your left hand.

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