Sunday, March 13, 2005

Darfur People Groups

A graphic I jimmied from the article entitled "Desert Rose: Hope Admist Horror for the Peoples of Darfur", from the current issue of Mission Frontiers magazine, showing one estimate of people groups in the Darfur region and how many known believers. Note the ratio of approx 6M people to 34-51 believers.

The article also says:
"Patrick Johnstone, author of the acclaimed prayer guide, Operation World, has characterized Darfur as one of the least evangelized areas on earth. Less than 50 disciples of Jesus are known among all Darfur's peoples. Yet a millennium ago many Sudanese, including the Fur, were Christians - possibly spiritual heirs of the Ethiopian eunuch of Acts 8. (Some historians claim that the eunuch was Sudanese.)"

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