Friday, March 04, 2005

Youth Missions Network Forum 2005 - Response 3

3rd and final post in a series, here are links to 1 and 2.
Breakout #3 - Reaching youth in other nations.
Also some very good stuff in this breakout as well. Some highlights that resonated with me included:
99% of the world's youth workers work in the US where there is less than 3% of the global youth population.
That is an incredible statistic isn't it?
Go with big ears and big eyes before you go with a big mouth.
Treat the hosting ministry as a culture teachers, not just as a camp manager.
When I was in NYC this past summer, my team could literally sit at the feet of Larry, who could tell stories for days at end about his experience living in Brooklyn. He talked about Muslim store owners that loved to have him come in and talk to them, about little Egypt - a two block section of town owned totally by the Muslims, about how one neighborhood had been totally revitialized because Muslims had moved in and built a mosque, how he and another family from his church were getting ready to sell their houses and move two blocks over to be closer to all the Muslims that were moving in. Larry was a true teacher of culture, not just a missionary.

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