Sunday, March 06, 2005

Current Projects

For those of you that might be interested... here are a few current projects I'm working on.
* Summer SPACE crew trip
I've been hesitant to write about this because no plans have been firm. At first, it was maybe LA. And then there was a small possibility for China. As of now, it looks like Brazil might be the direction, working with a GCC family down there. We have an email dialogue with them, they seem to want to host a small team, it would be pretty cool for our team I think. The last thing was me sending him a bunch of ideas, team dynamics, etc. That has been almost two weeks ago. So I decided that I would call him this week, except I didn't have the phone number. This morning, the Missions Task Force passed out all these missionary prayer booklet cards, and lo and behold, their phone number was on their card. Their card was the only one to have a phone number on it. Hmm...
One other big idea with this trip is that one of my focuses will be on training the next generation of mission trip leaders. So a few of the key people helping with this are people that I see can come back in the next few summers and run trips for me. Not an easy thing to ask of people, but these are high caliber people who are sold out to Jesus, love students and believe that they have been called to mission in this context.
* Summer middle school trip
Date almost confirmed. Should be a good one though. Then I need to plan a parents info meeting and type up a packet.
* Trinidad trip for juniors
Apps were due today. They have 7 that applied. I will help them do some interviews next Saturday.
* Entry missions for high school
I haven't written much about this one either. It's a great idea, but needs to be thought out some more. Two big things have hit me in the past few months. First, that we should target DC every summer. We should be sending teams down there to pray and serve, it should be one of our consistent targets. Secondly, that we can put on some much better training than SEMP. I love SEMP, I think they do a great job. But I think within our context, of building students that have a passion for the nations, we need to train kids in evangelism in our own culture that captures the perspective of the global mission field. SEMP doesn't quite go that far. The flip side is that I'm just anal. It's almost as if I'm getting to the point where any pre-canned missions trip isn't good enough. Well, if they aren't, then they aren't.
The idea is to expand the idea of a missions trip, into something that is stretched out all summer, in terms of missions days, hopefully building some momentum as the summer goes on. Anyway, I think I've got a leader for it. She's way into it too.
* Black Hole Event for Seniors
I can't write any more about it.
* Spring Event for Sophomores
One of the leaders approached me this morning about doing an event for his grade. Very fun. Going to be thinking about that.
Wow. I can't quite explain it, but every month with SPACE gets more and more exciting. I hope you can kind of feel it too. How God has given me such a privilege.
If you catch a moment, I would totally appreciate your prayers about all of these things, that God's voice would be clear and that we would be open to His leading and plans.

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