Friday, March 11, 2005

Information versus Experience - Missions Conference

I was poking around the Biola University Missions Conference page a little bit tonight (thanks DavidT) and just thinking a bit about traditional missions conferences that I have been to. Or for that matter any conference. And thinking about how information simply does not transform. We can't expect that people can just sit in a room, listen to a speaker and decide to change the way that they live.
Looking at the schedule that Biola had set up, it impresses me that they are trying to integrate action and experience with the information that is presented naturally from a conference like this one.
Some of the experiential activities include:
- off campus explorations such as visiting a Buddhist or Hindu temple, working in a homeless ministry, helping a local school ministry.
- a global marketplace
- an ethnic lunch
- open air worship
- an international drinkhouse (I have no idea either)
Looks like a great missions conference. Seems like the people in charge realize that true transformation does not come from information alone.

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