Tuesday, March 15, 2005

How many youth pastors would say this?

In honor of God, family and all things sabbath, I do hereby declare May to be a month of no official working with youth for the following people:
. . .
In May, Robert (who will be coming back from his 1 and 1/2 month break for baby sabbath) and Ben will serve the youth on Sundays and Wednesdays- awaiting the refreshing and returning of God's faithful servants for the slamming summer, including camp Barnabas (camp for serverly disabled kids), Gilbert Serve 2005, Summer Camp, and everything else.
. . .
Vacations are under-rated.
Change is great.
Comparmentalizing is bad....trying new things is good.
Non-organized events are just as important as regular events.
Love those closest to you with every breath.
Jesus loves his little children.
Just cause we are taking breaks does not mean you should not spend time with those you love.

Read the whole post from my friend Praying Mantis. What I love about it is that he is willing to give some rest to his youth workers, BEFORE an anticipated very busy and active, and most likely, fruitful summer. Is it hard to find people in ministry that are bold, courageous and willing to take really good care of their people?

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