Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Losing Steam

I think I'm losing steam for blogging. I still really enjoy it and find it fun. But recently, I had these wacky ideas which would make me think, and sometimes say even stupidier things, like, "I'm a writer - I have a blog!"
I know - it's just ridiculous.
But it made me realize something that I had known all along. That the blog was not an end to itself. Deep down, most of you, if not all of you, are something besides bloggers. You aren't real writers. Sure, you write. Some of you write a lot, and most of you write very, very well. But I suspect that at the core you are something else.
For me, I'm not a writer. I do some other stuff, some of it I do well, some of it not so well. I like to write most of the times, but I'm not a writer. And the blog is an outlet so that I can share some of that other stuff and maybe it will help encourage, challenge and inspire someone else who might be trying some of the same stuff.
Now that I've articulated that to myself, blogging makes a whole lot of sense again.

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