Saturday, March 05, 2005

Guat team prep notes

Here are my notes for Saturday night's team prep with the Guat team. (I just love saying that word 'Guat'.)
Previous posts about this team and trip here and here.

three things i want to do tonight -

1 - have you think about sharing the story of Jesus
Acts 17
Paul was an expert at reading other cultures
the truth is that you might never get to share your testimony with anyone during your time away
you might, however, get to share the Gospel in a way that is more relevant
think about your favorite story or film
'redemptive analogy'
its ok to choose 'Dazed and Confused' - inside joke for Andrea

2 - challenge you to realize that you will be under adversity
my first cross cultural experience was adverse
flight on dramamine
car trip to host home was a blur
paint in clothes
electricity turned off randomly
mosquito netting
got really sick
three weeks

Rom 12:5 all members belonging to one body
You MUST be completely devoted to the well being of one another
It is imperative not an option
Your relationships must stand the test of adversity
And it will be adverse
3 weeks away in a different country and culture
Satan will be attacking
You will not feel like the experience is significant
Some of you will be physically sick

50% of first time mission teams do not make it past the first year - all due
to relational/maturity issues
If we are to grow a generation of people willing to work together for the hearts of the nations, belonging to one body/mission is crucial

You must commit to the well being of each one of you
In order to help take the commitment to success -
The Hardy Personality
You will spend 10 minutes reading through the questions yourselves
Highlight/underline what resonates with you

Then break into groups of 4 - try to find one or two that you don't know so well
Share, take a risk, be vulnerable
The goal is not to exercise your teammates weakness but to understand it
To know yourself better

3 - have you think about culture
guess where the center of Christianity is?
read article this week - center of Christianity is Timbuktu, in heavily Muslim country of Mali, Africa
Want you to think about Jesus in light of another culture
Want you to see that there are some elements in Western Christianity that are maybe
not Biblical
In order for Christianity to flourish in another culture, it has to be within that cultural
Essentials in Culture activity


Will post later this weekend to talk about it. I'm looking forward to it, should be lots of fun.

UPDATE - Sat pm
Had a great time with the team. Lots of energy and discussion and just fun, tossing around ideas of culture, faith and mission.
Interesting side note - tonight my oldest daughter really wanted to come along and listen and learn from what we were talking about. I was pretty excited that she was so interested in this. So I took her along. She was a little more bored than she planned I think, but it was cool to have her there. She's in the picture, but not going on the team...

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