Friday, March 05, 2004

Update - Spiritual Attack and Retreat
An update that ties two previous entries together...
I'm getting ready to leave for our spring retreat. Last minute, I found out about a kid whose parents would have to drive him up later, so I opted to stay and take him with me and the weekend nurse, instead of his dad driving all that way to just turn around when he gets there. I think it's better, and it's not a big deal. And, this kids parents have done a lot for GCC, they are mega-involved. And he's a fun kid.
On another warfare note - one of the worship leaders for this weekend, my padwan K, got sick this morning. Throwing up all morning. Hmm. On another note, one of the workcrew guys, who is K's brother in law actually, can't come either. His wife, who is actually K's sister (funny coincidence huh) got sick also. They have a little baby, so R can't come. Try to convince me again that this weekend will not be significant in the lives of at least one high schooler, that the Enemy doesn't really care that there are 4 Gospel presentations planned, that God isn't interested in being glorified by anyone else.

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