Monday, March 01, 2004

Mark 2
My notes from Pastor Mark's message on Sunday. You can listen to the rm here.

Think about your most embarassing moment.
Unhappy activity
Happens in the limelight, center of attention

Mark 2:1-12
The paralytic
Most embarrassing moment
With jesus
Right after the healing of the leper
Everyone knows jesus
Curious people
Religious leaders – out to get him

Friends open a 4x8 opening in the roof
Mud thatch roof, lots of dust and stuff
Roof was repaired probably once a year
Friend lying on a 3x6 pallet

Teachable moment – the whole crowd just watches this pallet come down
What was it like for the paralytic
Can you imagine what he was looking at as he was lowered?

v.5 – whose faith?
‘Son’ a term of endearment for a total stranger, a person Jesus has never met before

The friends want him healed – they don’t care about him being forgiven, necessarily.
The religious leaders are upset. This doesn’t fit their model of forgiveness, because if Jesus can forgive sins, then He really is God.
When Jesus encounters people, He always talks about something they are thinking but don't want to say.

Immediately Jesus
v. 9
which is easier to say?
To be forgiven or to be healed
To be forgiven is easier because there is no sure fire way to prove it really happened.

** From Christ’s point of view, as an all powerful God, the easier thing to say was ‘to be healed.’ For to say ‘you are forgiven’ would require a perfect person to pay the ultimate price in order for one to be totally and truly forgiven.

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