Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Great youth group games!
Intriguing article about youth group games. I have to admit, some of these are pretty funny, but the article brings about some pretty good points. I might think they are funny, but I do realize that many of them are totally pointless. I have a bit of pride is saying that in 4 years that I ran a small group, as well as running grade wide get togethers, we never did anything like this. In fact, I can say without reservation that we did programming that was based on principles only and we never did things just to do them, or just because someone else did them. We always had a very specific set of goals and objectives. I think that's pretty important in youth ministry and I think kids start to really respect your ideas and foresight when they realize that EVERYTHING you do has a significant purpose to teach, model, disciple. Now before you think that I think that I really know what I'm doing, there was that time that we accidentally left a kid at someone's house after leaving to go play Manhunt. And the time a student smoked pot while having a sleepover at his house. And the time all the guys got upset after doing a GPS scavenger hunt that took 4 hours instead of 2. And the time.... well, you get the picture.

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