Sunday, March 21, 2004


From YPNation's request for conversation:

X. Waking the Dead
Helped me understand and realize how spiritual warfare is all around us and how we are an integral part of God's plan.
X. Please Understand Me
Great resource for building teams, both mission teams and leader teams.
X. Short Term Missions Workbook
Excellent studies to work through with mission teams.
X. Parenting Today's Adolscent
The Rainey's talk about the most common traps of adolescence and, almost more importantly, pre-adolescence.
X. Transforming Leadership
Jesus as the model of leadership
X. Decision Making and the Will of God
What is God's will? Better yet, let's understand a clear strategy for making decisions.
X. Youth Builder
Good overall youth ministry resource.
X. Perspectives Reader
The text from the Perspectives class. Speaks for itself.
X. Operation World
Yeah buddy.
X. Intensive Care
Subtitle "Helping Teenagers in Crisis"

Hmm.. Interesting list, because I just realized that I don't really have a lot of books about youth ministry specifically. I guess in thinking about it, I've really been modeled for ministry by mentors versus reading youth ministry books. That's probably not a big suprise to anyone reading this, if you have been involved in ministry, you have probably learned by working closely side by side with someone, seen their passion, seen what motivates them, seen how they connect with students. Anyway, enjoy the list for what its worth.
Also note that there I didn't number them.

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