Saturday, March 27, 2004

So I bought this really cool bubble machine tonight, from BJs (its a warehouse club store). It was $10 and it must spit out 20 bubbles a second. Really. It's rad. Why the fascination with bubbles? Well, I really bought it because it was cool, and my kids love bubbles. But a second reason is for children's ministry. You want to attract kids to what you are doing? Whip out some bubbles. Want to see kids have a great time for no good reason? Bubbles. Want to do something cheap, when its hot outside, and don't have any good ideas? Bubbles. Really. It might sound kind of dumb. But that's ok. So I'm going to take this bubble machine everywhere I go this summer on ministry. In fact, I just might keep it in my SUV at all times.
My fondest memory of bubbles was when I went on a 4 week missions trip to the Dominican Republic. I remember it like it was yesterday. I travelled with a team of 6, I was the primary leader, with a woman co-leader Suzie, and we were in charge of 4 students. The goal was to work with a missionary from our home church who was with a missions agency working in a medium sized city in the center of the DR. He was involved with kids clubs, street ministry and an orphanage run by Christians. It turned out to be a pretty interesting experience - lots of downtime, he was only there every once in a while, I got really really sick about half way thru the trip. Anyway, probably the first few minutes we got to our town, unloaded our stuff, kids came pouring out from everywhere. Literally. There must have been 30 school aged children all with huge smiles, beaming at their new visitors. And we got bubbles out. And it was like we had just pulled out heaven from our baggage. Really.

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