Thursday, March 04, 2004

Padwan to Kstan
K, one of the guys from Dteam03, is getting ready to go to Kazakstan this summer. I got a reference form to fill out for him a few days ago. Some good questions on it, thought I would share them. It's always fun to fill these out for students, especially when they are so excited about serving in a specific way. I can only hope that in the next few years, the SPACE crew gives me lots of these to fill out...

1. how well do you know the applicant? In what context? IN what capacity have you related with the applicant?
2. having read the attached application what additional comments or perspectives would be helpful in better understanding the applicant?
3. in your estimation, what experiences would best serve this individual in a 4-8 week international missions project?
4. give a brief description of this person?s ministry experience and gifts, especially in the areas of personal evangelism and establishing.
5. can you easily visualize this person doing relational evangelism: initiating friendships, relating comfortably, and sharing his/her life and faith naturally?
6. what would you like to see God accomplish in this person?s life while they are involved in this summer missions project?

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