Friday, March 26, 2004

In Your FACE
If you have followed my postings for the past few weeks, you know it's been a tough 6 - 8 weeks in general, mostly due to my day job and the pressure of trying to get things started for summer missions. Last weekend, we had another big work weekend and things ran pretty flawlessly. It was a very visible piece of work and my team came through. It was pretty awesome, I was, and still am, elated about it. Since then, I have also gotten the 2nd out of 4 planned mission trips off the ground, with a parents meeting, paperwork started, etc. And we got a final confirmation on dates for the other trip that was already off and running. Tonight is our first out of five mission prep meetings with all the students going out this summer. I'm way excited, we will probably have about 20 there tonight and I've been working hard all week getting packets together for them that includes a study, sample support letters, printed labels for returning support to the church, and response cards for people to write back their level of support. Wow.
So in other words, about the level of spiritual warfare that has been going on, I say to Satan, in your FACE! The feelings of attack, the physical toll of working two long weekends back to back, the stress between our family in the midst of a bad review at work, the nagging doubt that maybe I could not do it all, that I had taken on too much responsibility between work, missions stuff, family, etc. All of these feelings are gone... substituted with this emotional high based on the knowledge that God and I can do this. To you youthworkers reading this, You are capable.
“It is the image of God reflected in you that so enrages hell, it is this at which demons hurl their mightiest weapons.” – William Gurnall

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