Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday - Guest

On my right is Rita Warren, chairperson for the international board for Christian Associates. Rita was our special guest last night - our second in a series this week of special guests to speak to our Ember team and anyone else who wants to hang.

Rita has been associated with CA for many, many years, and been serving as the board chair for the last season. I invited her to speak because she is a great example of someone who lives missionally, sees her life and family as integral to helping people serve cross culturally and invests their time, resources and passion for the Kingdom. Incidentally, Rita and her husband Michael received the first annual CA Generosity Award last night. Hearing the many people speak about the generosity of their lives was truly inspiring. Her family is also a great example of people involved in very significant roles in global missions but not being front line missionaries. She's impacted thousands of people in numerous countries without moving overseas.

Lots in our session with Rita but a summary of her advice for young global catalysts:
1 - Funding - the funding model is changing. You won't be able to be 100% donor supported in the short future. The Billy Graham association had 50,000 donors pass away.
2 - Travel and see the world. Short term trips are a great way to do this.
3 - Be open to the Spirit leading.

Loved our time with Rita and so appreciative of her hanging with us.


  1. I'll never forget listening to Alan & Deb Hirsch at one of your special guest invite deals. Always good stuff, Tony!

  2. Thanks Trevin - me too!