Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday - Guest

Frustrating day in terms of program - tell you more about that later. But...

Most nights, we invite a special guest to talk to our Ember team and whomever else wants to join. It's one of our distinctives with student missions - we intro students to someone we know who is creative, entrepreneurial and innovative with the future of missions. Tonight was our good friend Teal Rapp, whom we have worked closely with the past 2 summers in Aix. It's always informal and done in interview style.

Teal is the director of recruiting for Christian Associates, and he Teal talked about his calling, his family's personal journey to vocational cross cultural ministry and things like raising support, language, immersion and what he looks for in people interested in serving overseas. This is one of the funest things we do with people that we serve with and should truly be an integral part of your student missions architecture.

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