Monday, July 13, 2015

Prague Team Meeting #9

Ninth meeting with our team and no one seems tired of each other yet [except my kids of me] because it's such a fun time with great personalities. We've got some momentum with our program so loose ends are getting tied up.

This meeting included dry runs of the various devotional talks that each team member is giving. Yes, high school kids are speaking in front of other high school kids about their spiritual life. No, I don't think that is very abnormal and you shouldn't either.

We also prepped for a bake sale that we held the next day, which raised a good amount of money. Bake sales are very easy creative revenue activities and are a great venue to have your team talk to strangers about what your team is doing and why.

We also talked about the concept of missional imagination [stolen from Alan Hirsch.] And then we went to see Minions.

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