Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summit Camp Juice Program

Camp Juice ends for Summit tonight - the first part of the conference. Other families and students show up tomorrow - the general broader conference. We've had a great time with these kids.

We have tried to neither over program or under program and it has worked well. We typically start the day after breakfast with some light worship and a short devotional. Worship had to be adjusted since a guitar didn't arrive so one of the Camp Juice kids had a ukulele and ORapp leading has been fantastic - love the vibe. All of our students have or are going to lead morning devotions - yes your high school kids can lead other high school kids in reflecting from the Scriptures. We've been looking at some of the 'I am' statements from the Gospels.

The rest of our days looked like:
+ Saturday - arrival and intro session.
+ Sunday - traipsing through an outskirt of the city looking for our friend Tall Skinny Kiwi. An interesting walk through Prague.
+ Monday - lunch in city center and a dinner with TSK.
+ Tuesday - some shopping and recon in city center to do some planning for later in the week.

Our team is doing great and pivoting easy with how plans are adjusting. The Camp Juice kids that have hung out with us have been an absolute joy to be around. Thanks for your support for this team.

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