Thursday, July 30, 2015


We journeyed into the city center of Prague today with all of Camp Juice. That would be 34 people - think shuttle bus, metro and walking through the city. So to do that, you break up into groups, and your Ember team leads with such poise, grace and integrity. Beautiful - you would be proud of this team. They killed it today by being warm, inviting, engaging and desiring to have fun and do something significant.

Cultural scavenger hunt was the activity of the day and everyone had a great time exploring the city and having lunch there all while participating in these varied tasks. The deeper value to this was observing and decoding culture more than just at the surface level and our evening discussion proved that everyone got the idea. Not only that, it seemed like everyone had a great time hanging together.

If you are in global missions circles, you know that sometimes missionary kids can be a tough crowd. I'm super proud of our team - 34 people became a temporary fun community having fun together in a global city. What a privilege to watch this.

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