Monday, July 20, 2015

Prague Leader #2

I first met Katie Virostek in the summer of 2013 when she was on a team that The Ember Cast helped facilitate to travel and serve with our dear friend Ben Cloud and Amadeo Church, outside of Phoenix. Katie was a phenomenal member of that team and is one of those emerging global student leaders that we love to work with.

She's got lots of experience with Appalachian Service Project, meaning she knows more about home improvement than me. She also leads with a quiet but solid presence, is willing to sacrifice and be uncomfortable for a bigger purpose and takes joy in doing any job that needs to get done. Katie joined us last summer in Aix and worked with us all year as one of three ProtoGuides.

We are thrilled that she joins us on the Prague team this year, rounding out the third of three leadership roles. Our teams are usually pretty flat when it comes to any hierarchy between team member and team leader, but most teams still do require the talents of some who can project, structure, delegate and release. Her contributions have been vital these past few months as our plans have pivoted multiple times. That will probably continue to happen though - a lot can happen in the 4 days before we leave. And that's not even talking about after we land.

Photo: Katie in the upper right, running the famed Hula Hoop challenge.

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